ConvertXtoHD does not work with Samsung BD-H6500

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ConvertXtoHD does not work with Samsung BD-H6500

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As other people already mentioned, the Samsung player BD-H5900 definitively DOES NOT WORK with ConvertXtoVideo using BluRay-structure. I'm using latest version, but all the former versions do not match either. I give up, I tried everything. BD player refuses playing the movie, saying "disk not compatible"

Converting the same movie with other converting software, the Samsung player BD-H5900 plays the same BluRay-movies without any problems properly.
The firmware of Samsung player is up to date.

Using the AVCHD profile and burning disk, in the Samsung BD player you open the folder and start the movie clip and plays no problem, but menú clip not play and says "Audio Codec not compatible."

What can I do? There must be a little difference in conversion ConvertXtoHD is using compared with other conversion software.
Thanks for quick answer.

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Re: ConvertXtoHD does not work with Samsung BD-H6500

Post by Maggie »

Hi there,
Could you try the last version: ... 0.0.73.exe
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