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Wondering if this could ever work?

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:30 am
by Wayne1987
Could you do lossless ts-muxing if the disk is big enough? Zero quality, loss?

I've tried a few methods I created but didn't work.

I tried encoding the whole thing to iso, checking size. ts-muxing, the file myself to reduce size. Naming .M2TS the same as what was stored inside the .ISO. Replacing with lossless file, re-building .ISO and burning. Knowing everything is structurally the same just lossless now with zero encoding, size for the disk is well enough to fit perfectly fine.

Yet when I burn this test the player has no idea what the disk is?

While encoding the video to blu-ray what does the program data, what does it wrap around the video to make the player read it?

This is just 100% out of curiousness on my side.