Trouble with creating BD50 - Blank screen

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Trouble with creating BD50 - Blank screen

Post by Scahom1 »

So I have used ConvertXtoHD for about 2 months now, and I have created about 40 BD25 discs successfully. I decided to try creating some discs with BD50 and so far I have not found a solution to my problem.

I am trying to create a disc with about 30 480p videos, totaling about 13 hours. I was able to successfully convert the files, however once the content is burned onto disc, all I see when I load the disc into multiple players is a blank screen. The contents of the disc totals about 41 gig, which I can see when I load it into my player, and it also shows the various titles and chapters but I am unable to play any of them. I set up the menus and such exactly the same as my BD25 discs I created in the past.

Can anybody help with what might the problem is? The discs I am using were highly rated on Amazon, so I don't think it could be them. I tried burning discs at 6x, 4x, and 2x speed.

I even tried burning the disc with IMGBurn, but I received the same result.

EDIT: Upon thinking of any reason why the disc does not play, I edited about 16 minutes from a video during the conversion. I believe I read somewhere on this forum that that could cause problems?

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Re: Trouble with creating BD50 - Blank screen

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We'll sort this out together!

Please run, fill and send this out: ... uct=vsorep

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Re: Trouble with creating BD50 - Blank screen

Post by modmoomita »

I have not been able to convert anything to BD-50, even though the source files are BD-Remux-50-GB ts/mkv files. No matter what settings I choose, ie best quality conversion, 2-pass, etc.

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