Need help creating a specific Blu Ray Menu layout.

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Need help creating a specific Blu Ray Menu layout.

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Hello, I have recently discovered "ConvertXtoHD" and downloaded the trial version. I tried it because I have tried like a dozen different software programs to create blu ray menus and cant seem to find one that will work with what I need it to do. Below is what I need it to be able to do.

1 - How to set to set the background of the blu ray menu screen to a custom image I have without thumbnails or text that can be clicked on. I have been able to set the background to a picture I have. But when I do there is always thumbnails all over the screen (you cant even see the image) . Or text that overlaps the screen that I guess can be clicked on to start the movie? These text aren't able to be removed. All I can do is press the eye thing to make them vanish (but they are still there) and there is no simple way to delete the thumbnails or text. I just want my picture and a button that says play movie and an arrow to go to next page. Does anyone know how?

2- How to set custom music to the background of the menu page?

3 - How to create a new page? I want a menu page, then a second page with chapters, then a third page or fourth page with extras. How do I that and do I just follow the same instructions to set custom background images and music for the pages as the first menu page page?

4- If I can do this can I save this template so I dont have to go through the process all over again?

5- I have other video editing software. I will create a file and then drag and drop it into this program. When I do will it convert the video or downgrade it? Or will it remain in the same format I transferred it in?

6- Does this work with blu ray discs up to 50 gb?

-Thank you so much if you can help it has been a nightmare trying to figure this out!

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Re: Need help creating a specific Blu Ray Menu layout.

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Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, our team has been busy last weeks!
I'll try to answer to the most questions I can, or give you other thread which should help you out.

1 - 2 - 3 - Check this out:
4 - Of course, you can save it and add it to the default templates
5 - It won't downgrade it, unless you choose a output format (see attached screenshot) which need it.
For information, for now, dragging over a file 4K, UHD, x265HEVC to ConvertXtoHD results in the content down sampled to 1080p.
This is our current top priority and we'll be releasing as soon as possible a update with these compatibilities!
6 - ConvertXtoHD should be able to open huge files. Give it a try !
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