Audio of menu is nog of the selected start time

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Audio of menu is nog of the selected start time

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Since conversion takes about 6 hours voor a 25GB bluray I decided to try hardware accelaration (FPS with CPU converstion were 8 or 9 so hardware accelaration could save me a lot of time).
My first projected resulted in a 1,5 GB bluray with no errors during the whole process.
I read on this forum that this is a know bug and that is was solved in version
I am currently at

I like to update to the newest version but I am stuck at version because of another bug in the menu which occured since version and which mashes up all my projects.
This bug is not only in ConvertxtoHD but the exact same bug also occures in Convertxtodvd (since version
I always use a part of the video as a videoclip voor the background of the menu (open style multiple episodes).
I select the start time for video and audio.
Since version (and convertxtodvd de start time for the audio is always the beginning of the video (start time 00:00:00:000) no mather what start time I select.
The video however does recognise the selected start time, so you get a background video with the wrong audio when the selected time for audio is nog 0:00.
Can anyone tell me if this bug is already reported and if maybe this had been solved in the latest beta of both programs (ConvertXtoHD and ConvertXtoDVD).
Of course I can try myself and roll back to the old version if not, but if this bug has not been solved or reported, maybe someone can solve this bug for both programs?
I can upload a log file of course but I am pretty sure that I am not the only one with this bug as it occures in 2 seperate programs. Maybe someone can test it?

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Re: Audio of menu is nog of the selected start time

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Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, we've been a bit busy lately.

Have you tried our last beta versions?
- ConvertXtoDVD ... 0.0.66.exe
- ConvertXtoHD ... 0.0.68.exe
Please check all three cleaning options during install!

If it's doing it, could you please upload a screenshot of the menu bug?
VSO Support

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