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Subtitle help

Post by rstammer »

Could someone please help me with subtitles. I convert a lot of MKV files that have built-in subtitles. They normally have a white font and are very crisp and clear appearing when I play the MKV file in VLC Media Player. However, when I convert them usin VSO HD to a Blu-Ray and burn onto a Blu-Ray, they look horrible. The built-in VSO subtitle program seems to mess with the subtitles built into the MKV file. I have played around with the VSO Subtitles section with no luck. Is there any way I can disable the VSO subtitle format and just burn the subtitles to appear as they do within the MKV file? I never have this problem with VSO SD. Thanks so much.

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Re: Subtitle help

Post by chessplayer »

If you do not code the subtitles into the video they indeed look terrible.
You better hardcode them into the video.
I always do this and it looks much better (look just likt the subtitles when you see them during a tv program).

You can do it this way:
Click on the video file you imported in ConvertXtoHD.
Click on the tab for subtitles (below the video).
Click on ...
click on advanced settings
click on the empy box before: embed this subtitle into video (so it is selected)

repeat this for every video file if there is more than one in your project.

You also see the fonts settings there.
I always use:
Arrial Narrow
custom (white)
fontsize 40 margins: 36 and 40

Hope this will help.

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Re: Subtitle help

Post by MikaCata »

Yo tengo un problema de subtitulo se ve asi la forma no se cual es la solución... Ojala que ustedes me ayuden y es la primera vez que uso ConvertxtoHD <3

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Re: Subtitle help

Post by Oppa888 »

What I do not understand is that for ConvertXtoHD & ConvertXtoDVD current versions you need to embed subtitles in the video during the encoding process, otherwise they look very bad, as already mentioned.
However when i used a much older version of ConvertXtoDVD (4.19) the subtitles look perfect without the need to embed them into the video.
I have never understood how many years and versions later this functionality has actually been lost and is no where near as good as it used to be.

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Re: Subtitle help

Post by Wesley0059 »

These subtitles are a long time a problem for me.
Regulary I need 2 subs in a movie.
it's so sad to see, that this is not yet fixed. I'm deeply dissapointed.

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Re: Subtitle help

Post by Maggie »

Hello guys,

We've updated subtitles management on our last betas. Try them out!
ConvertXtoHD: ... 0.0.68.exe
ConvertXtoDVD: ... 0.0.66.exe

NB: There is a colour bug which is reported here and will be corrected asap:
VSO Support

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