Conversion Artifacts

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Conversion Artifacts

Post by Nemesh »

Source: Blu-Ray Boduguard (BBC)
Time Of Error: Episode 3 @ 50 mins and 7 seconds
Error: For 2 seconds artifacts in screen.
Resolution: 1080i @ 25 fps
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
Conversion: RAW (Try to copy even if source is single file)

This series didn't have the subtitles for my country so did this myself.
Used TSMuxer to remux every episode (in total 6) to BDMV (.m2ts) format.
Then loaded the first three episoded in ConvertXToHD v3.0.0.65 BETA
I do not use v3.0.066 BETA because the menu tekst overlay color (in simulation) is not working.
Reported this in a separate topic.
Except from episode 3 alle other episode are good -> no errors.
Checked the source file (before muxing with ConvertXToHD) at the same time code.
Playback (in Windows media player or Popcornhour C200) is fine -> no artifacts.
So the problem is in ConvertXToHD.

Reported this to VSO using the VSO support tool: vsorep.exe
Included the ConvertXtoHD 3_crashlog and crash_list.crashlist.
I also offered to provide them both files for analysis.
As up until today I dind't get any answer from VSO.
Hence this topic.

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Re: Conversion Artifacts

Post by Maggie »

Hi Nemesh,

Did you receive an answer from the Support Team? I've just arrived and since your forum's email isn't in our archives I don't know.

We've corrected some bugs linked to subtitles with our new beta version.
Try it out and tell me how it goes! ... 0.0.68.exe

VSO Support

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