Convert X to HD subtitles hidden DVB type

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Convert X to HD subtitles hidden DVB type

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Have had a problem with subtitles when using the latest version of CVX to HD( .66)Doing them the usual way by a subrip off a HD programme to produce a .str file, I see the size, position, plus font, and all looks fine when checking on preview, the subtitles as before are black edging with a white inlay colour, font is just a standard one.

When I played back the result on my Blu Ray disc, with a standard Blu Ray player, the subtitles were there ok but no white inlay just the back edging making it difficult to read, unless there was a white background that the subtitles were over laid on.

Any ideas, BYW I tried a commercially made Blu Ray with subtitles on the same player and this was fine, also your software player, for Blu Ray play's them back fine.

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