Bug font size selection

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Bug font size selection

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Have created a menu overhere with 5 episodes.
For that menu I used a font called Spartakus and I downloaded that from: 1001 Free Fonts
You can download it overhere: https://www.1001freefonts.com/search.ph ... rch=search

I a prevous version of ConvertXtoHD I went to "Extended Menu Editing", selected the name of the first episode and pressed "A" to change the font.
Selected Spartakus and font size 9.

However, in the latest version of ConvertXtoHD, I can't select font size 9.
The smallest font size I can select is 12.

So, opened the project file (.XtoHD) and located the line where the font size is set:


Changed the value from -12 to -9 and it worked great.
The font size is 9 again but I can't select it in the drop down menu by font selection.
Send this information and much other information to Felicia by email.
Best regards to all,


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