Cutting Bug ?

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Cutting Bug ?

Post by Nemesh »

Have overhere all episodes of a Blu-Ray series.
Except for the first episode, all the other .srt files have no subtitle for the intro's (episode 2 - 10).
So, the main part of the episode is subtitled except for the intro.

So, I used the scissor the remove the intro on episode 2.
Video: 1080p@ 23.976
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Subtitle: Dutch.

What dot I do:
1. Load the episode in ConvertXtoHD version
2. Select the scissor.
3. Set the first marker at: 00:00:00:000
4. Set the second marker at 00:00:55:806
5. Press the Convert button.

ConvertXtoHD does it job however when I watch de result, the dutch subtitles are NOT beeing displayed.
Openend the stream-file with TsMuxer and saw that the subtitle is in the file.

So, to be sure I opened the working file with Windows Media Player and skiped ahead to around 53 seconds .
No problems with the working files, the subtitles are beeing displayed.

Is this a possible bug in ConverXtoHD ?
With much regards,


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