Bugs - 8 Months old !

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Bugs - 8 Months old !

Post by Nemesh »

In 2017 I bought a life-time key for ConvertXtoHD.
And I must honestly say: I wish I had waited longer with doing that.

I mainly use ConvertXtpoHD to create Blu-Ray menus.
These menus are for series (100% Blu-Ray's) that I can't buy in my country.
I do the substitle's myself.

Before using ConvertXtoHD, I used BD-Rebuilder for creating the disc, with a very simple menu.
All the discs I created with BD-Rebuilder worked 100% as well on my PopcornHour C-200, Dune HD Solo Light and PowerDVD 16.

However, with ConvertXtoHD I can create much nicer menus, so I bought a lifetime key and start working with te program.
Right from the start I ran into problems (read: bugs) that the program contains.
The first bug I reported on 29-07-2017 to Claire (who left VSO later that year).

Keep in mind the following:
- Each individual episode is muxed with TsMuxer 2.6.12 and plays back 100% with Dune HD Solo Light, PopcornHour C-200 and PowerDVD 16.
- Each episode is watched to see if subs are 100% and if there are errors during playback.
So I do this BEFORE I use ConverXtoHD to create a Blu-Ray disc.

If four episodes are 100% I load them into ConvertXtoHD en start creating menu etc. etc.
When ready, I save the project and start muxing.
Since the source is 100% original Blu-Ray disc I select in the Default Settings: Try to copy if the source is a compliant structure
This, because I do not want ConvertXtoHD to mess with the video or audio.

Concerning source is 100% Blu-Ray:
Then the bugs start appearing.
On 29-07-2017 I reported to Claire:
1. Audio/video glitches during playback
2. Subtitles not beeing displayed.
Uploaded the finished disc to the VSO server, all 4 the original source files, the project file, and the menu files.
I also created a disc with BD-Rebuilder (that workes 100% with no glitches) and uploaded that also to the VSO server.
This, to proof that the problem was not a hardware problem over here and for comparison.
Subtitles not beeing displayed was fixed.
It took VSO up until version v3.0.0.58 beta version (I believe released on 09-04-2018) to fix the audio/video glitches (Wesson).
But, as from vesion at some points the subtitles are again not beeing displayed.
Reported this to Felicia in a email 06-04-2018 and I upload the video for evaluation (didn't receive any answer from him).
The correction of the audio/video glitches took a period of almost 8 Months and I have 5 projects over here that are ready for conversion.
All that time I couldn't move on ( and still can't)

I also reported, concerning 100% Blu-Ray 1080i video:
When the source is 1080i (100% Blu-Ray compliant) and I create a disc with the following settings (on advice from Claire):
Encoding Options: Automatic
Use best video quality (increase conversion time)
Two pass encoding
Smart copy: Disabled (alway encode).
During the conversion process, ConvertXtoHD upscales the video from 1080i to 1080p.
However, on playback of the first episode the video crashes after approx. 5 minutes.
This happens with my Popcornhour C-200, Dune HD Solo Light and PowerDVD 16.
Reported this bug also in a email in 2017.
This bug, and the bug above happen in Blu-Ray's like, Oprhan Black S1, (1080i), Safe House S1, 1080i).

Then I also reported the following bug.
Source file is a .TS file from my Humax 5200C settopbox.
I trim the file at the beginning and end (with Smart Cutter) so that all un-necessary video is removed.
But, when I convert this files with ConvertXto HD the video does not start correctly.
Tried 3 diffrent settings but no succes.
As I understand, this is because the video starts with a I-Frame and not a P-Frame.
Also upload alle the files to the VSO server for evaluation.
This bug was also reported in a email to Claire in 2017 and up until today not fixed.

Reading the above, it seems like I'am angry because it takes so much time to resolve (at least in my eys) fundamental errors in ConvertXtoHD.
I'am not angry but very dissapionted.
I have wrote at least a dozen (lost count) emails to Claire and Felicia and at some point I even wrote to Felicia that I may ask for a refund
because up untils today, the software doesn't do what it supposed to do.
But, I must admit, ConvertXtoHD is a awsome program to create stunning beautiful menu's so I hang on to it hoping that the bugs will be resolved soon.

Regarding BD-Rebuilder.
When I create a disc with BD-Rebuilder it does that very fast.
ConvertCtoHD takes much, much more time to create the same disc with the same files but with a diffrent menu.
Is this because it takes ConvertXtoHD more time to create the menu or does ConvertXtoHD re-analyses to source files and creates new ones
while BD-Rebuilder just plaine copy them because they are 100% BD compliant ?
As I remeber I also wrote a email to Claire that I compared the size of the source files against the files after conversion with ConvertXtoHD.
And there is a diffenrce and regarding to Felicia it because a certain key is written in the files that ConvetrXtoHD doesn't.
With BD-Rebuiler the source- and converted files are excatly the same.
But, having written this, I don't have the knowledge to researcht this so it's only speculation from me !

On a personal note:
If the tech-people from VSO can't solve these problems I wrote above, is it maybe a idea to contact J, Dobbs Softworks (creator of BD-Rebuilder).
Everything works 100% with that program and maybe he can give you some advice.
I will not write you emails anymore.
Each bug I encounter I will report on the VSO forum or on your bug-tracking list (like Claire did with the file from the Humax 5200C - .TS file).
Wasted 4 Verbatim BD50 disc on 4 proect that costed me 20 euro.
So, to everbody else I say: Stream the result first to a mediaplayer and see everything is 100% before writing (or from external HD)
My source files are 100% BD compliant and I don't know if these problems also happen when the source file are from a diffrent format.
If problems are adressed in newer version of ConvertXtoHD I will also report that on the VSO forum.

Give you all my best regards.

EDIT (24-04-2018):
In addition to above, I even made .mpg movies (with my home camera) from the TV screen to show what goes wrong.
I also uploaded these movies (in 2017) to the VSO server for evaluation.

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Re: Bugs - 8 Months old !

Post by Nemesh »

Reporting back.
I'am now working with version and it seems that the bugs have been solved.
Have to do a few test more.
If everything workes fine then I will write a reply here and then this topic can be closed.

Haven't yet tested the upscaling from 1080i@50 fps to 1080p@24p.
With much regrards,


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Re: Bugs - 8 Months old !

Post by Nemesh »

Bugs have been solved.
Haven't tried upscaling from 1080i to 1080p@24 bug I don't use that anymore.
This topic can be closed.

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