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1. does this program utilize multithreading in a way to where I would benefit any by getting a ryzen 7 instead of an intel coffee lake? I assume it would be good with either, but figured I'd ask if it would really benefit much more with ryzen.

2. Does gpu acceleration for this program impact it enough to where it's worth my while getting a gtx 160 or radeon rx 570/580 or will my good cpu be such that I shouldn't be worrying over getting a good gpu? I was going to get a 1050 ti, originally.

I'm really wanting to be prepared for whenever everything switches over to 4k video, as well, so probably should get a 1060 regardless.

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Re: CPU and GPU

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The Gtx1060 with NVEC will be about 5 to 10x faster than either cpu..... with that said, I don't think you will see much difference in speed using a 1050 or 1060. The NVEC chip is not really based on GPU performance. It runs independently. AMD GPU does not use the same process.

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