Can see menu but videos will not play

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Can see menu but videos will not play

Post by alexeon »

I am trying to use ConvertXtoHD using the "classic simple but elegant" menu with the source being a number of .mkv 720p files. The conversion completes and after burning it to a disc my Blu-Ray player will read the disc and display the menu but when I try to play any of the videos it just "resets" the menu for lack of a better word and will not play anything. I can navigate to the individual video files on the disc on my PC after it has been burned and they play fine on my PC so I am not sure why they will not play on my Blu-Ray player. any help would be appreciated

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Re: Can see menu but videos will not play

Post by cedric »

Hello alexeon,

I tried to reproduce but I don't have any problem...
Do you have the "Allow 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p framerates" setting enbaled in "output format section"?
If yes, can you uncheck it? Maybe your Blu-ray home player is not able to play these uncommon framerates...

Can you please post your log files.

I'm waiting for your feedback...


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Re: Can see menu but videos will not play

Post by AMDFX »

Sound like a fail in a cracked version of the program. Being the program works perfect for me, and I paid for lifetime updates.

Pirated software never works correctly.

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Re: Can see menu but videos will not play

Post by troyb »

I have the same problem with my Pioneer bdp-51 bluray players. The menu will come up but when you try to play any of the files the menu just resets. The blurays will play fine on my Oppo player and my dynex players so whatever the problem is it doesn't effect all players. I have the latest firmware on my pioneers and all the episode discs made with BD-Rebuider using the same files play fine.

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Re: Can see menu but videos will not play

Post by Claire »

Can you post your log file of one of the conversions your particular player does not get past the menu?

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