Writing issue ....help?

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Writing issue ....help?

Post by ammaretto »

so i did a re-install of win10 &downloaded convertXtodvd3....the last 4 times i tried to copy a dvd i get this message

Writing issue..an error has occurred near disk end...check your disk, write speed Or burner has mechanical issue.

ive changed disks & write speed to 8X....im stumped as to what the prob is. am using sony dvd-rs. been using this for years & now after i do a fresh install...kaput?

advice? ps...im a newbie so be gentle. ;-)

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Re: Writing issue ....help?

Post by BucketofBolts »

Are you trying on the same title? You might try another one to see if a different source resolves this problem.

Also, you've posted this in the "ConvertXtoHD" forum, but you mention "ConvertXtoDVD3". I'll assume you're using the DVD product. :)

To avoid using more blanks - this isn't really a "fix", but a "workaround" - one thing you might try is in "Default Setttings --> Burning", uncheck "Burn result to disk or as an ISO file in working folder". You'll get a folder on your hard drive and you can use separate burning tool software to burn this set of files as a DVD. That way you can see if it's the blank disc stock, your drive failing, Windows drivers, or the actual title itself as rendered by ConvertXtoDVD.

Alternatively, leave "Burn result to..." checked, and checkmark "Add "ISO File" destination to drive list". You'll get a single ISO ("image") file that if your burning software can support it, can be burnt that way.

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