Stops working after conversion complete

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Stops working after conversion complete

Post by Patrick »

Hello! This is actually the first time I've ever posted to a board like this, so please forgive my lack of experience. I recently purchased the Convert to X to HD software and it burned a couple of discs just fine. However, just recently, it started completing conversion then just stopping. It won't burn, it doesn't create the "certificate" folder I usually see in the conversion folder. It just stops and goes no further. Any possible solutions?

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Re: Stops working after conversion complete

Post by Maggie »

Hello Patrick,
Welcome! ♥
Please open HELP menu and VSO Support Center, so I can have your logs.

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Re: Stops working after conversion complete

Post by minhcute »

I ever got the same problem. That is when I used the hard drive is HDD, not SSD, and I opened the Task Manger, it always showed Full Disk 100% error. Then I got the bug like you. The reason (maybe) is HDD is too slow. Since I changed to use SSD, this bug hasn't appeared anymore.
So, if you are using HDD, I recommend you change to SSD.
But, if you already use SSD, then you should contact directly to VSO team for the best support

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