Subtitles will not use style?

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Subtitles will not use style?

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Hi been having issues with subtitles. When I first added a bunch of files to convertxtovideo I edited the subtitle settings in the main settings window and when I converted the files it worked turned out great.

Now when I add a single file and choose the convert profile I created the formatting size and font do not change in the output file. The formatting was not applied.

I did find a solution by using the advanced edit and going into the subtitle formating settings there it worked after doing this but I do not want to use advanced edit every time I add a file. I have not changed the subtitle settings in the main settings area it is still as I set theme but that does not work for some reason.

Also I cannot figure out how to save a profile for the subtitle settigns that might solve my issue there is a button in the subtitle settings next to where it says subtitle profile default but do not no what it does and cannot click it and hovering over it does not tell me what it does.

Would saving a subtitle profile solve my issue or something else thanks for the reply.

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