Youtube Vids, only converts part of the video, Any ideas why?

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Youtube Vids, only converts part of the video, Any ideas why?

Post by photonorgone »

I have downloaded some youtube videos and want to put onto dvd for my daughter, I have downloaded the full version as i have checked it but when I convert and playback on her portable dvd player only half of the file has been converted, tried many different settings, its really annoying I have the full version.

Please help.

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Re: Youtube Vids, only converts part of the video, Any ideas why?

Post by Cougar_II »

Here are several questions and what *I* would personally do.

1) Did VSO Downloader down the whole video ?
What file did it download ?
The original .MP4 or .WEBM
*OR* did you use Convert it to something directly in DOWNLOADER ?
I always use Downloader to convert all videos to .MP4 directly in Downloader.

I would play it with VSO Media Player or VLC or any other video player.

2) When you say you burn it to a DVD to play on a portable DVD player....
Are you burning the .MP4 or .WEBM files *OR* are you using another converter and converted it to DVD Standard files ?


If the answer is YES, again using VSO Media player or VLC, you can PLAY those files (Open Folder).
This way we can ensure the DVD Standard files are all there, and the issue MAY BE a media burning issue.

3) Over the years, I have seem people using BAD QUALITY media and/or burning the media too fast.
Results: DVD will skip, freeze on playback.

I hope we can all help you, but we will need more details, trying to identify at WHAT STEP the issue us occuring:

Step 1) it doesn't download all the video from the get go
Step 2a) There is an issue converting the file WITHIN Downloader
Step 2b) There is an issue converting the file AFTER it was 100% been downloaded
Step 3a) What is the "Media ID" of those DVD blanks you are using (Shown in the logs) or give us the name/brand of DVDs you are using.
Step 3b) At what speed are you burning those medias ?
Step 4) If you have more than 1 DVD Player in th house, are you have the exact same issues on all players ?
I have seen picky DVD players, where my expensive one in the living room would play my media.
Use the small DVD player we use in the car, oh this one doesn't like it etc......

Hope these suggestions help you in your process...
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