Bit Rate Understanding

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Bit Rate Understanding

Post by Xoanon »

Friends, I would like to backup my DVD library into a fairly good format with a good bitrate and playback but I'm finding it difficult to understand some Bit Rate issues with the software.

First, when I create a custom profile using AVI container, Xvid Codec , 640x480, 4/3 with a Maximum Bitrate set to 1.47 it provides, basically a 1500kbps file with decent file size and quality for, say a 20 minute episode.

But, when I try to use the Built-In Profiles, for AVI (Xvid + Mp3), there is a massive size & Bitrate difference and when I go into the advanced options to change it to 1500kbps, the quality profile drops into the Red where my profile stayed almost in the green and produced a good file. The same type of thing happens when I select MKV (H.264 + AAC) which is what I would like to convert everything to.

Shouldn't the file size and quality stay the same if you are using the same Bitrate for either AVI (Xvid + MP3 ) or MKV (H.264 + AAC)?

I am limited to a 1TB hard drive which is about full and I would appreciate any insight as I don't want to keep re-ripping my Discs as it's hard on them if I don't get the encoding right the first time.

Anyone with more experience on this, I would GREATLY appreciate any input.


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Re: Bit Rate Understanding

Post by JJ »

There has been multiple discussions and arguments about this issue.
Developer has explained several times about this.

In short: VSO uses encoding that produces best picture with minimal space usage.
Forget about bitrates and check encoded result - is there quality loss?
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Re: Bit Rate Understanding

Post by Coral »

No matter how you try to go around this bit rate argument, the settings on the application always end up with the best result.

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