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return to meniu

Post by Brodls »

i have a problem running dvd disk burned with xtodvd converter.

i converted many songs as a dvd for my car mercedes w211 ntg1 dvd player. It plays all along well, only have 2 issues:

1. when i choose song dialing the number like 55, it plays 55th song and after it ends it doesn't play next song automatically but returns to main meniu. and no matter what i do, after every song main meniu appers, even when i press next song while playing song.

2. when i turn off dvd player and turn it on again, it plays where it ended last time, all ok until song ends and again main meniu appears, and again whatever i do it keeps returning to meniu.

any ideas how to burn dvd what configuration to choose to avoid this bug?
i thought problem is with meniu, i tried to burn dvd without meniu and instead of returning to meniu after a song ends, it keeps returning to the first song of the list.

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Re: return to meniu

Post by JJ »

That is not a bug, that is DVD behavior.
There is no random generator on burned disc so either you play all or you play one.
If you want to continue from any point to end, convert several songs to one track, each song being a chapter.
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