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Post by wtin »

** Thank you ** for the update. Will report if the leak memory problem pops up.

Pretty please add the "refresh" function (or a button?) as the files, when added, are not equal in the bit rate.

Here are steps to reproduce.

New project. Make it Blu-ray.

Add five files. Note the bit rate.

Change project to DVD. Bit rate changes obviously.

Change project back to Blu-ray. Bit rate is now larger (because the program recalculates the total of files properly-basically to fit the 24 G blank disk). Otherwise, the project could take up as little as half the disk (at lower bit-rate).

Add more files, you'll note that the bit rate of the newly added files are not the same as the first five files that were already there.

I think if the function to do this is automatic, it may be time consuming (for the program to recalculate) the bit rate every time a file is added and some users may be annoyed. If a button can be added "recalculate the project size to fit the disk" or whatever you want to say is there, it could be used.

New users who are not used to your program are not aware of this issue. I have used your programs for years and ran into it a while ago. Otherwise I am extremely happy with it and I want to thank the whole team wholeheartedly.


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Re: 2.00103

Post by Cougar_II »

VSO are working on bad fps issues in bug

Let’s see if .104 or above fixes all your bad fps detections…

They are working on this software actually these days, let’s see what they release, and after several fixes, all your suggestions can be sent to the developers…

Katia (VSO) may add her own comments soon :)
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