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SD convert

Post by KateCarver »

Hello Everybody,
I have a few episodes of a tv show that were recorded in HD 1080P. I want to convert these using convertxdvd video to mpeg2 files so that when I gather a certain amount of them I can use convertxdvd to actually build the DVD.

Can anyone give me advice in the best settings to use and filters to maintain as much quality as I can. I know there be will a loss due to going from HD to SD but any help with keeping the result looking the best it can would be welcomed.

Thank you n advance
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Re: SD convert

Post by Cougar_II »


ConvertXtoDVD should be able to convert those HD files directly, no need to use ConvertXtoVideo 1st…

The more files you add to convertxtodvd it will auto adapt the bitrate & quality settings…

I personally in the past try not to add more than 6 files, because adding more will decrease quality…

I was once told Lanzcos filter is the best, and using 2 passes will provide better quality.

Haven’t use those software in many years, so good luck & hope you end up with results you will accept / like…
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