Output file names, over writing files

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Output file names, over writing files

Post by Limon »

Dear VSO team,

I am trying to get VSO to download multiple video files, but they are all overwriting each other. It seems like it first creates an original file, then on the second video it will create a video file (2), but after that the video file (2) just gets overwritten for every download. I have tried all of the different options within VSO, and I can't figure out how to get this to work. The video files that I am trying to download will always ahve the same name. Plus, the meta data is always the same as well, so in both cases it will end up overwriting the videos i have saved.

Is there any chance you could make an option so VSO does not overwrite any video files, and continues to save videos with a new filename each time?

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Re: Output file names, over writing files

Post by Cougar_II »


Do you have Automatic Conversion setup ?

I have the same thing...

The reason is that the original file downloaded is FILENAME.MP4
Once converted, it's also renamed to FILENAME.MP4 but that cannot exist so Windows calls it FILENAME(2).MP4

If the source was something else .AVI you would still have your source FILENAME.AVI and your converted results FILENAME.MP4

The only way for this to work, is to have a new feature in Download that would be [X] Delete Source after successful Conversion

This this could be dangerous, after the conversion is done, your file is not playing or OK as expected, you just lost your source.

So I always check the file, and if happy, delete the FILENAME.MP4 and rename FILENAME(2).MP4 back to FILENAME.MP4

--> I will ask VSO Developpers if this will still be the same "Behavior" in the upcoming VSO Downloader v6 (64bits) in 2021 :)
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