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VSO Update Recommendations

Post by brendongalvan »

I'm really liking VSO but there are a few things that seem to be making unnecessary hassle. Many of which I would imagine could be easily remedied in an update.
  • when hitting X to remove a file from the list instead of always popping up a dialog box asking if we also want to delete the files in the output folder allow us to set a default (always delete or always do not delete). This also goes for when you hit remove all files from list as the same popup appears
  • When you have VSO set to not download every file automatically, (which is always for me) it becomes a hassle to always have to right click and then hit download. Instead, make a dedicated download button so it only a single click. of course, all the options when you right-click can still exist while including this feature.
  • Make the downloads listed also show in small text some basic info like ad host, extension, url of the page its located on. I know the all sites i use VSO on are not capable of finding the name automatically so every file is listed as "Unknown file name". This makes figuring out which file is the one I actually want to download a real hassle.
  • Manage list has a remove all files from list and a remove all complete files from list but no remove all undownloaded files. I find often my list gets filled with files i don't wish to download and it would be great if there was a way to remove them all at once without deleting any files that are currently being downloaded or have finished downloading routerlogin
  • This one might be a bit more tricky but it would be great if when you right-click a file it would download to option which would act similar to when you click save as in browsers. (it would open up file explorer within the current download directory and allow you to manually save it somewhere else) Then afterward all following downloads to use the same location. This is an amazing feature for people who organize their videos in multiple different folders depending on the content.

    VSO works with multiple browsers which is great but at the same time it can be a real hassle sometimes when it detects from all at once. I like to open the videos i want to download in a browser different than the one i usually use for general browsing. This ends up becoming a problem when i want to have one browser open surfing the web or watching youtube while the other one is used for downloading videos, as items to download are often detected from the general web browsing browser. an option to choose would be great
I would absolutely love to see the above implemented in VSO downloader. If anyone else has other nice quality of life features then feel free to mention them.
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Re: VSO Update Recommendations

Post by Maggie »

Thanks a lot for this message!
Per points, short sentences, that's perfect :)

We are working on the brand new Downloader (from scratch to avoid all the small bug we had, with a new User Interface), so this is really important for us. If others want to add some points (same format please, so it's easier and quicker to read for us!)

Have a lovely day,
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