Suggestions for Future Update

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Suggestions for Future Update

Post by Ramond »

Hello everyone,,

1. Launch to System Tray 9apps
2. On Start Up, start detection or stop detection enabled.

I would like to have VSO downloader in my Tray when the computer is booted with Stop Detection pre set. This way I can Start Detection when desired.
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Re: Suggestions for Future Update

Post by Cougar_II »


In the general settings, you can enable

[X] launch application minimized

The application launches, then poof gets minimized.

Then add Downloader to your STARTUP windows settings, this could work for request #1. ... artup-apps (Windows 10 to add a Startup App)

But I am trying to find a way to configure how to start downloader with Auto Detect OFF on start, will advise if I find something...
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Re: Suggestions for Future Update

Post by Maggie »

Been reported as requested feature Cougar_II:
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