VSO Downloader Crashing

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VSO Downloader Crashing

Post by Chakusin »

Hello everyone,,
I have the paid version of VSO and it seems that just about every time I use it it will eventually crash and I will loose all the files the downloader was working on. This is a BIG problem as some of the files are from live streams which means the data from that file can not be found ever again. Is there some way to fix this or a way that the file can be saved in parts so that rather than losing an entire 1 hour broadcast I will only loose the part of the broadcast that was being recorded at the time of the crash?

It seems to only happen if I have the VSO Downloader window open and hasn't happened yet with it running in the background. Sometimes it seems to be triggered by trying to remove a file from the list that hasn't started downloading correctly but other actions also seem to trigger a crash, such as adjusting the settings.

Please help! VSO is great, but the crashes are becoming a nuisance.

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Re: VSO Downloader Crashing

Post by Maggie »


We'll sort this out together!

Please run, fill and send this out: http://www.vso-software.fr/download_pro ... uct=vsorep

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Re: VSO Downloader Crashing

Post by pinknemo13 »

Just got an s8 and I was wondering if there were any good apps where I could download videos from YouTube and openload.

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Re: VSO Downloader Crashing

Post by Cougar_II »

Hi, have done upgrades on top of upgrades ?

I adore Downloader and it works quite well, sad that you are having issues :(

What OS are you using ?

Have you tried the very last version ?
And tried a full clean installation (click all [X] boxes to delete everything, including settings and registration)
Start fresh...

Good luck !
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