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Disney+ Support

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Could you guys add support for Disney+ if possible

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Re: Disney+ Support

Post by Maggie »

Thanks for your message!

Disney+ videos are encrypted with a DRM known as widevine DRM. This DRM is there to prevent exactly what we do: let you store a decrypted version of what you are watching. Here is their website: https://www.widevine.com/solutions/widevine-drm

We cannot legally embed a widevine decrypter in VSO Downloader. Doing so would expose us to a legal issue. Since DMCA we are not allowed to provide a decryption engine to circumvent whatever DRM, even if the user has all the legal right to access the decrypted content.

So we can't support download from any DRM-bloated video provider, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney, HBO, Hulu, etc. We are really sorry about this, but that is definitive. It's not a lack of technological knowledge. Providing decryption for DRM video will result in being sued and banned from all payment platforms and even search engines. So it's not an option for us.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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