New official version:

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New official version:

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A new official version of VSO Downloader 4 is available to download! ... loader.php

[NEW!] - VSO Downloader
- 0008235: bad unicode transcription with asiatic characters - resolved
- RTMP: Invalid Byte detection updated
- F4V fragments: duration check removed
- notifies that the system has resumed from sleep or hibernation to restart network driver
- button to reset dialogs added in the settings
- UI: new icons added for radar status (stop + error)
- UI: network tab added in the settings Installer:
- DWN_People's Republic of China.ini synchronized with database
- Italian EULA updated

VSO Downloader
- ignored extension added in settings
- secure stream warning message if non HTTP-protocol added
- psf added in ignored extensions by default

- winpcap upgraded to version 4.1.3 (now fully supports Windows 8 and Server 2012)
- Netherlands updated

VSO Downloader BETA
- network engine upgraded (v3)
- live recorder fully redesigned
- merger multi stream safer
- rtmp: sync with new network engine and updated for unicode
- secure stream: default list updated (groovehsark added by default)
- manual selection of adapter not saved
- EVE driver: always uninstall the previous version before to install the new one
- UI: new entry in contextual menu to add secure stream, advert or ignored extension to list
- UI: auto sort all settings lists
- UI: remaining time for recorder fixed
- UI: some icons and categories rearranged

- options to revert clean installation added (registry, application folder, cache...)
- Netherlands updated
Any question about VSO Downloader? See the FAQ.

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