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Suggested feature for next version of BlindWrite

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:16 am
by Videogamer555
I would suggest a feature I'd call "True Blind Mode". Rather than trying to read the TOC as an initial step, it would simply copy the disk bit-by-bit. This would mean that rather than depend on Windows commands or the installed driver for reading the disk it would directly command the reading laser head position and disk motor speed to make sure every bit on the disk was written to the ISO, in order from first to last bit. It would start with the first bit on the disk and wouldn't stop until it had written the last bit on the disk to the ISO. This would get past several forms of disk "protection". Some disks have a corrupted or encrypted TOC, but if the program didn't bother with the TOC, it would still rip the disk to an ISO. If the CRC data was corrupted so it held just random data by a game company to thwart attempts to read the disk in a computer, it would still copy it because it was just reading each bit on the disk, and not comparing data to the CRC. Also, even if the data itself was outright encrypted, it would still make an ISO because it didn't try to decrypt it, just copy it bit-by-bit.

This would also not break the DMCA law, as no attempt to decrypt or crack the encryption EVER would take place. The resulting ISO and any disk burned from that ISO would contain the ORIGINAL ENCRYPTION.