Game to BIG for disc???

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Game to BIG for disc???

Post by WheelChair »

Hello Nice Person!

It seems there should be a post somewhere that covered this but they didn't come up in my search. Perhaps you could assist me in the solution... I am backing up a game and the size of the game makes BW6 present a message media is too small.

What do I need to do to make it possible to copy larger than 1 side of 1 dvd?

Most any game I have side 2 maybe 3 are all larger than this size so in order for BW6 to work for me it would have to avail this solution.

Thanx much,


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Post by carlobee »

maybe you are using the standard 4.7GB DVD and the size of the game is more than 4.7GB? I could be wrong though.

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