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Copying Blu-ray disks

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:34 pm
by sirceegee
O.K. I am a complete nooby when it comes to the Blu-ray scene. Just one basic question...can a Blu-ray disk be copied direct from Blu-ray Reader to a Blu-ray Burner...I see some old posts that state there is an intermediate step of copying to hard disk first...just wondering if updated technology has produced a direct copy process, (using the correct software)? I am asking because I am assembling a high spec PC and I want it know if installing a Reader is necessary in addition to the Burner or if one is copying to the HDD first, the Burner can be the Reader/Writer saving the expense of two Blu-Ray capable optical drives. A very basic question I am sure anyone else on the forum can answer for me. Thanks for your time to reply.

Tacoma, WA U.S.A

Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:04 am
by Claire

What did you end up doing?

If you only have 1 drive then of course a temp copy will be made on the harddrive.

You can do a drive to drive copy though without the file being copied to your harddrive.