Unable to RIP short Titles

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Unable to RIP short Titles

Post by redleg »

I have opened a ticket on this but have not had a reply in several weeks so I am trying to see if there if I can find a resolution or at least confirmation that someone else has this same experience.

The Problem:
When loading the disc structure titles less than 30 seconds long do not show up in the application. Titles that are exactly 30 seconds do show up but when converted/ripped they are always result in files with length 0. TItles 31 seconds and longer show up and work as expected. (I also see the same behavior when using Blu-ray Converter.)

I am on the most current stable build.
I have been using DVD Converter for a decade.
I am very familiar with ripping DVD\Blu-ray discs.
I use DVD Converter on DVD folder structures that have first been copied to a hard drive with the copy protection removed by AnyDVD.

The Test:
I copy the protected DVD to my hard drive using AnyDVD set to remove all the copy protection.
I confirm that AnyDVD is not removing any titles of any length by viewing the DVD folder structure on my hard drive using VLC.
I test the DVD folder structure by converting/ripping it to MKV format using MakeMKV and see that all the titles are present, including those of length 30 seconds and less.
I then use DVD Converter to load the DVD folder structure from my hard drive and as state in the problem section titles under 30 seconds are absent and those exactly 30 seconds long do not convert/rip correctly.

The Question
Can anyone else confirm this or experienced this behavior?


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Re: Unable to RIP short Titles

Post by Maggie »


Sorry for the delay! We've been a bit busy lately...
Is it still going on with our last beta? - http://download.vso-software.fr/archive ... 0.0.96.exe -
I would like to be able to try this out from our office. Could you send a <30sec long file over to support@vsosoftware.fr

Waiting for your message,
VSO Support

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Re: Unable to RIP short Titles

Post by redleg »

The problem, still in is that when the the DVD structure is loaded if there are any chapters/VOB files shorter than 30 seconds they do not show up in the interface to be RIPed. This mostly happens with short trailers.

One DVD where I had this happen is Anna and the Apocalypse (2017). The trailer is 24 seconds and is located in VTS_04_1.VOB. If you load the DVD structure or the DVD with VLC Media Player you can see and view the trailer. When you load the structure into DVD Converter or Convert X to Video all you get is the main title and the Behind the Scenes feature that runs about 25:32.

It seems there is a hard-coded option to ignore any part of the DVD structure under 30 seconds.

Is it possible to get access to older builds of either program? This did not used to be a problem and only started some time last year. Figuring our which version introduced the issue would help in finding the source of the bug and getting it fixed.

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