How to delete an item using AVCHD Editor

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How to delete an item using AVCHD Editor

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I have a BLu-ray with a 2.5-hour long movie followed by a seven-second ad. I want to burn a new BD without the ad.

There are four streams:
00000.m2ts -- the main menu
00001.m2ts -- the scene select menu
00002.m2ts -- the movie
00003.m2ts -- the ad

There are four corresponding clip files and four playlists.

When I drag folder on to AVCHD Editor, the Playback order shows

The same files are listed under Playlists.

1. I deleted 00003.mpls from Playlists and had AVCHD Editor build a Blu-ray. But the new image included all four .m2ts, all four .clpi, and all four .mpls files.

2. I started over. Dropped the folder onto aVCHD Editor. This time I deleted 00003.mpls from both the Playlists and the Playback order. Again sent the output to Blu-ray, and again, all three files were retained: 00003.m2ts, 00003.clpi, and 00003.mpls.

3. I physically moved 00003.mpls, 00003. clpi, and 00003.m2ts out of the Blu-ray folder (and the copies in the BACKUP folder). I then dragged the folder into AVCHD Editor and deleted the references to 00003.mpls as before. I had the editor create the new Blu-ray image. While 00003.mt2s was gone -- so was one of the other streams. I was left with two streams. One is huge, so I assume it's the movie. I don't know whether the other is the main menu or the scenes menu. But it did not give me what I wanted.

How can I get rid of that stream?

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Re: How to delete an item using AVCHD Editor

Post by Claire »

See if your file is supported by VSO Video Converter: ... verter.php

It should be a little easier to work with a preview window and a tool for cutting out sections.

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