Error in convertet Movie

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Error in convertet Movie

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I´ve got a serie (Game of Thrones BluRay - of course privatly owned) wich has sometimes one episode, sometimes three episodes on one disc.
I want to change that and put two episodes on one disc as a DVD.
My idea was to save the stripped BluRay movie of each episode as a BDMV file and put them together and convert them in the VSO BluRay converter.
I´m happy Goldmember and can use any VSO software.
I first tried my luck with tsmuxer, eac3to and Clown BD without a proper result. Then I found the AVCHD editor wich should do the job,
but everytime I convert the episode, I get an unplayable moviefile, no matter wich softwareplayer I use. The VSO player creates a error screen.(see png attached)
AVCHD editor : - it seems to be a beta. I tried all formats - BluRay compliant and AVCHD short/long.
I´ll attach a png of my settings in the AVCHD editor.
If someone has a different idea how to repack my two episodes on one disc I´d be greatful.



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