Mapping old MTS files to new MTS files is confusing

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Mapping old MTS files to new MTS files is confusing

Post by JeffBellune »

I'm using AVCHD files and folders from a Sony NX5U camera.

Let's say I want to create a new AVCHD folder structure that contains only 3 video clips from the original folder structure. I want files 00001.MTS, 00007.MTS and 00017.MTS from the old folders to be in the new folder structure.

NB: This example ignores the creation of the Intro playlist and the creation of the intro video as 00000.MTS.

I expect that AVCHD Editor would map 00001.MTS to 00000.MTS, 00007.MTS to 00001.MTS and 00017.MTS to 00002.MTS. But that's not what happens. Instead, AVCHD Editor maps 00017.MTS to 00000.MTS, 00001.MTS to 00002.MTS and 00007.MTS to 00001.MTS. The shuffling of the file order is more complicated when more files are involved. I've tried setting new insertions to Top and to Bottom, but neither one preserved the original file naming order.

Another odd result is that the actual video clips are in correct order in the playlist. For the example above, the playlist order is 00002.MTS, 00001.MTS and 00000.MTS. The playlist order properly reflects the original order of the video clips. Why can't the re-numbering of the MTS files also be in the correct order?

This is a serious issue that, when coupled with the issue from my other topic, "Important metadata lost after editing", makes it very difficult to use the new folder structure created by AVCHD Editor as source video in my video editing program.


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Re: Mapping old MTS files to new MTS files is confusing

Post by cmbrougham »

I agree; there is no logic to how the files are sorted in the newly created folder structure. It's not like they're simply reversed--they're all mixed up.

AVCHD Editor should retain the sort order as created by the original filenames, so that the resulting folder structure contains the MTS files in a chronological order. Please fix this.

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Re: Mapping old MTS files to new MTS files is confusing

Post by arifg »

It is not only confusing but also makes annoying pauses between scenes because DVD player has to seek to different areas of a disk everytime it needs to read next sequence file especially on double layered disks.

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