DTS HD Master Sound

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DTS HD Master Sound

Post by scarboro98 »

The more I play, the more impressed I am. Thanks and I hope the filial will be coming soon.
The trouble I have is with the DTS HD Sound. The program seems not to support it and I know it is part of the container file. Are you looking at a way of making the audio more compatible?. Disk like Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, transformers 2 and others seem not to have any other audio streams. If i try to make them smaller in HD say with Divx (sorry) or another program they report there is no audio stream, and sure enough, there is no sound in the resulting file. Any ideas or hope you may solve this in the near future?
Again, my thanks for the hard work.

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Post by felicia »

First off all, thanx for the feedback.
As for the DTS HD Sound contrary to BDMV, it is not supported by the AVCHD standard (it only supports AC-3 & LPCM), so some players will ignore it when included in an AVCHD structure. You can try selecting the "Blu-Ray compliant" in the "ouput options" drop down in the "GO" window.

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