DVD Burners

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DVD Burners

Post by Jordan »

I have used this before, but just got a new computer.

It doesn't recognize my DVD burner and won't tape to disc and I don't know what to do.

It tapes my files to a new file. Kind of like getting a box to move the potato salad in the fridge from the 1st shelf
to the 2nd.

Any hints or is time to get a new computer?



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Re: DVD Burners

Post by Cougar_II »


If your OS sees the drive, it's a good start.

If even Windows (something) doesn't see your drive, maybe you are having a dead burner on your hand (or power issues to it).

IF windows does see it, but not a specific software, that's another issue.

Is it a very old PC and what windows are you using ?
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