Version 5 menu ini file colors

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Version 5 menu ini file colors

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Text colors are in sections in the ini file with headings containing \TypeSettings (there are different sections for title, caption, etc.) and colors for items that can be selected and activated are in sections containing \buttons. The parameters within those sections are explained in guides like ... 15816.html.

The format used for colors is actually simpler in version 5 than in previous versions. They are expressed as #RRGGBB@alpha where

# is used to denote a color number instead of a color name -- see Note below
RR is the hexidecimal value of the red color component
GG is the hexidecimal value of the green color component
BB is the hexidecimal value of the blue color component
alpha is the opacity expressed as a percentage

An example will be used to explain this.

1. Open the text style editor in the program where you normally change text size, font, colors, etc. for a current project.

2. Choose the text style you want to work with from the drop down list.

3. Click on one of the text colors you want to work with then click the More Colors... button in the popup.

4. Click the Define Custom Colors >> button in the next window and the window will expand and show the red,
green, and blue components as decimal integer values between 0 and 255. You should have a window like that shown below at this point. The orange color shown there for this example has decimal values of 255, 132 and 9 for the red, green and blue components.

5. Open Windows calculator and select scientific mode where different number systems can be entered and transformed to another system.

6. Click the Dec button and enter 255 then click the Hex button to transform it to a hex value, you should get FF. Doing the same for 132 gives 84 hex and 9 gives 9 hex.

7. Then our ini color value would be #FF8409@75 if we want 75% opacity. Notice that a 0 was used in front of the 9 for the blue component because each component must be expressed as two digits, always do the same for any number less than 10 hex.

Note: Black can be expressed as Black@alpha instead of #000000@alpha and white can be White@alpha instead of #FFFFFF@alpha.

Custom colors.png

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