Notes on Modifying Menu Templates

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Notes on Modifying Menu Templates

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Quickstart Guide for Menu Templates

Menu templates are specified in standard Windows INI file format in the templates folder under your CX2D installation folder. They provide values of parameters for Cx2D to use in building the menus during conversions. They aren’t as complicated as they may seem at first glance, but reading or working with them is certainly tedious.

They are arranged in a hierarchal manner using group, section, subsection, Item numbers, etc. headings enclosed in brackets as is standard in INI files. Folding/collapsing the sections in a good editor such as Notepad++ shows only the headings so the hierarchal structure is easier to see and makes finding a particular section easier.

A good editor is invaluable in working with these files. Differences can be found by looking at templates displayed side by side, or a file compare can be done. That helps figure out what parameters do. Copying/pasting between the files is easy, and a good search and replace function can save a lot of time and frustration with typing errors.

There are some explanatory notes in the attached Annotated blackmirror.txt file that should help understanding file structure and parameters used to define menus. Note that I don’t fully understand some parameters and have no interest in doing so.

Nor do I intend to support this info in the forum. It is given for your own use and at your risk. You can ask questions in one of the other forums and hope someone may help.
Annotated blackmirror.txt
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