VSO Inspector errors

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VSO Inspector errors

Post by skypilotpete »

I am currently scanning an MP3-CD audiobook, borrowed from my local library. The file scan comes back 100% free of problems, but the sector scan picks up a lot of errors (can't say how many yet as the scan is still going). The error description says "Reading of sector xxx to xxx failed: Code 05 64 00 [Illegal request, illegal mode for this track].
Two questions:
1) Can someone please explain what this error message means?
2) Is there any way of identifying which tracks these sector errors relate to, so that I can listen to the tracks and see how damaged they are (without having to listen to every track on the CD)? I hate listening to audiobooks, only to get part way through and find that some tracks are unlistenable. I'd rather not even begin the book.

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Re: VSO Inspector errors

Post by JJ »

Might be that there is no error, unburned sectors in disc can cause various errors. Some discs have copy protection which also gives errors.
If file scan is good and you can copy those files then no problems.
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