[fixed] I didn't receive the key !

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[fixed] I didn't receive the key !

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here are the top reasons why you didn't get your key :

1 ) you have placed an order with delayed validation, it is the case for Echeck option with Paypal, or check and wire transfer.
2 ) a lot of people doesn't provide the right email, if you don't get your key within 48 hours ( and please wait at least 30 minutes before contacting us ) , then you can contact us by email, fax or phone ( see our web site )
3 ) your key has been sent back, but it is in your spam folder.
4 ) you are a comcast.com users.. well, comcast blacklisted all emails from our company, please contact us, at least we are receiving the emails from comcast, you just need to have an alternative email ( or contact us by MSN messager )

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