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Re suggestion for convertxtodvd

Post by zaphodbeeblebrox »

Not sure where to enter a suggestion...but

The menu music becomes very irritating especially if short, when repeated again and again and again....can you add an option for number of cycles before stopping....I think 1-3 cycles would be plenty


Also your web site says clearly

Happy user philosophy: To guarantee that clients will be satisfied with their purchase we provide trial versions of our software allowing users to see if products do what they want and to verify the compatibly on their computers configuration. Trial versions are complete versions with the only limitation of either being limited time (21 day trial period) or a trial message placed on video output. All features of software and burning functions are available to allow users to examine in detail the whole product before purchasing.

But convertxtodvd is only 7 days, not long enough to evaluate such a comprehensive piece of software, should be extended to 21 days

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Re: Re suggestion for convertxtodvd

Post by Claire »


Thanks for posting your suggestions and I'm very sorry for the delay. For a faster response time, contact VSO directly

You can change the menu duration. The menu is also actually completed of 3 parts, the intro, the main duration and and outro, as the menu plays goes through each part.
You can remove music, or edit each one of these parts of the menu.

Now in version 7 you can create your own menu template and save it to be used over and over again. ... 0.0.28.exe

As for the 7 day trial, you can still use the software and all its features after this time however conversions will be done with a watermark.

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