is VSO Software have any newsletter for his updates

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is VSO Software have any newsletter for his updates

Post by JohnCati »

i shared VSO Software's some products on my website which you can see it: (i can't post my link due to some restriction of this forum) but now i have a problem with latest version updates that when should i updated my post about your products
i shared other companies products and when they provide new updates for their software then they send me a mail about their new version releases so i can easily update my website to the new version of related software so now is there any system for VSO Software to send newslater emails for me about it's latest release so i can easily update my website. or some pages to show all information about their products.
Thanks in advance
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Re: is VSO Software have any newsletter for his updates

Post by Claire »

We do not have what you are asking for.

What we do have
- When you open our software products (each individually) it will notify you if a new version is available.

- You can subscribe to our news feed where inform about important updates, new features or formats supported and major new versions (but not ever minor version release)
and same for the newsletter
- License key owners we notify them of new major versions by email
- VSO affiliates partners get newsletters about major new versions or minor important versions
- We use pad files to inform major software portal sites for minor and major versions, but this might not be a solution for you either.

Otherwise there is no minor email updates sent out about our products only sometimes for beta versions
but all beta versions are published in the top thread of each products forum.

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