VSO should rethink this Pricing Policy

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VSO should rethink this Pricing Policy

Post by DaveRFD »


First off, I don't usually gripe about much, especially when it comes to my VSO products, CX2DVD & CX2HD, but this last week has caused me concern enough to do this.

Just a few months ago in July, I purchased a lifetime license for these 2 VSO products for $69.99 each. At the time, I considered getting the Goldmember license but due to some very expensive health issues recently and the fact that there were a lot of products I didn't anticipate using (there was 1 or 2 others that I would use probably once or twice a year at the time), I decided to just get the 2 products and consider the Gold license when things got better.

Things haven't really gotten any better, but I find myself now needing those other VSO products more than I thought I would, so I decided to purchase a Gold License. I contacted VSO about the difference between what I've already paid and the Gold license, expecting to be able to pay the difference or probably just a bit more, but it turns out that I would actually be paying $259.98 for a license that sells for $199.99 - that's a $59.99 penalty for not buying the Gold license in the 1st place and this seems just a bit too much.

VSO offers a %40 discount maximum if you own other VSO products and wish to upgrade to the Gold plan, but in cases like this, I believe VSO should not be forcing customers who have (very recently) already put out a considerable amount of money into their products, into such a drastic increase from the regular prices! I could maybe see if the customer had original purchased licenses for very old products that were much cheaper back then, but these are new licenses I have, only 6 months old!
Seems a bit unfair to me, from a company who I have such a high regard for.


Btw, Annelise, who handled my initial pricing inquiry, has been stellar in her replies to me. It's definitely NOT a VSO employee problem, you folks are great!

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Re: VSO should rethink this Pricing Policy

Post by Claire »

We will take into consideration your comments. I don't know exactly how your case was handled and am sorry it did not match your expectations. We do not want to penalize users for not having made the purchase initially... in any case it is not a "marketing strategy".

We do offer discounts for special cases, so you did the right thing by contacting us. We encourage other people wanting to buy a lifetime or Goldmember license after an initial purchase to contact us to get a special offer too.

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