Wrong Product Key supplied!

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Wrong Product Key supplied!

Post by Tear »

Earlier this morning I ordered ConvertXtoDVD direct from VSO's webpage. The order link automatically passed me to the website of Avangate and I duly filled in my Credit Card details and submitted them. Back came a message from Avangate contained in a small script giving the licence/activation code and I immediately downloaded ConvertXtoDVD to my computer. When I tried to insert the code a message informed me that the code was false!!!

After reading the correspondence from Avantgard again, I then noticed that the acknowledgement from them was for "ConvertXtoVideo" and not "ConvertXtoDVD" which I know I ordered correctly.

To complain about this seems to have nothing to do with VSO and one even has to register with Avantgard before any communication with them can be made. In order to put things right I duly registered with Avantgard and forwarded my complaint. Almost four hours has elapsed since my complaint was registered and there is still no reply, but in the meantime they ensured that my Credit Card was debited some two hours ago.

I'd like to know what's going on and I have discovered enough already to make me very nervous. It is not normal that during a dispute payments are deducted and if it isn't resolved quickly I'll be contacting the Financial Services Authority. There seems no way to contact VSO directly to intervene as you forewarn in your contact information that French is your language of choice and that email or fax is preferred!

Let's see how long it takes for this post to be read and some action taken!

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Re: Wrong Product Key supplied!

Post by Claire »


Just write to VSO using our contact form:
You will get a reply within an hour or two if we are in the same time zone, otherwise generally within 24 hours.
(but not need to, I've already sent you a key for the product you actually wanted)

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