Avangate - No activation key with much struggle.

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Avangate - No activation key with much struggle.

Post by BenjaHarris »

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but I'm having troubles finding a forum that clearly supports this. I'm posting it here because I have seen a few other issues with avangate activation keys on this forum.

I bought and downloaded Acute Email IDs Production Engine 10.5.3 and never received an activation key, but I received other automated E-mails telling me I should have received a key. I used the 'get activation key' button in the software itself. Nothing. I sent multiple E-mails to Avangate support, all with a response saying that I was sent one manually. Take note, I supplied 3 different E-mail accounts on 3 separate occasions, 2 Gmail accounts and 1 Hotmail account. With every E-mail I sent, I receive a string of automated E-mails, one telling me that someone manually sent me an activation key to the Email address I requested. Nothing, not even in spam/junk - and I'm on a home network. There is also nothing that helps in the MyAccount section on the Avangate website.

I have paid £20 for a product I simply can't even open. Please help!

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Re: Avangate - No activation key with much struggle.

Post by JJ »

You are correct, this is not right place to post about that.
That product is from totally different company, this is VSO support forum.

You need to contact Avangate directly with this.
This link is just for spammers, don't click!

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