Where do I find my log file?

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Where do I find my log file?

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Your log file provides lots of information about the settings you are using in VSO products and also provides inforamtion about what the software is doing. It is a crucial element when trying to solve problem or understand what is happening.

You can open the log file by going to Help | Open Log file
This will open a Note pad file that you can go to File and select "save as" and save the log file to your Desktop for example or copy and paste the contents to the forum, if you need help with a problem. Make sure to copy the complete log session:

A complete log session reads from bottom to top with
10:34:58.636 ------------ ***************ConvertXtoDvd.exe:6136 Log session stop after 2 minute(s) 57 second(s) 758 millisecond(s)****************
lots and lots and lots and lots of helpful information

10:29:22.872 ------------ **************************ConvertXtoDvd.exe:6136 Log session start 2013-02-21 at 10:29:22.426***************************

Log files are stored here:
C:\ProgramData\Vso\product name\version\log
log folder.jpg
The file names have the date and time
example: 2013 feb 21st, 10:34am and 58sec

Example of a log without a conversion (not much interest)
(2.5 KiB) Downloaded 319 times
Example of a log with a conversion (what is useful to post on the forum to get help)
(7.44 KiB) Downloaded 294 times
Notice the section in the example of a log with a conversion
+-> [audio #2 - RAW copy]
+-- [audio #2 - ac3 main audio, 48000 kHz, 2 Ch., 192 kbps]
+-> [video #1 - mpeg2video video, 720x480, yuv420p, 16x9, 29,97Fps, 9127 Kbps [un]]
+-- [video #1 - mpeg2video video, 720x480, 29,97Fps, YUV420P, 1,19]
Video resize filter used: Linear (VSO) - 2 thread(s)
10:32:03.418 Verbose FFmpeg Opening file C:\Users\Claire\Videos\30 sec clock w tenths.mpg
10:32:03.383 Info Added in conversion queue list...
This means the conversion button was pressed and more additional useful inforamtion is available to help troubleshoot your problem - however do not post just this section post the whole log file.

To add your log file to a post in the forum either copy and paste the contents of the log and paste it in the message box or upload it as an attachement. Underneath the section where you type the message contents you will see a tab called "Upload attachement". Click on that load the file and press "Add the file".
upload attachement.jpg
Log files for older versions

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