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trial period

Post by rjr_stl »

Three days ago I downloaded Copy To DVD to try it out and one hour ago when I used it, a pop_up screen said I had 18 days of trial period left. Five minutes ago I tried to use it again and the pop-up said the trial was over. Can anyone explain what happened and how I can continue to try the software?

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Re: trial period

Post by Claire »


Is the date correct on your computer?

Please contact the support directly to get another working trial version:



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Re: trial period

Post by Videogamer555 »

Or just make sure when you run it the first time (you're a little too late for that now though) you run it with this program RegFromApp
It automatically documents all changes to the registry when you run a program with it. After uninstalling trial software (which should remove most registry entries), use the log file from RegFromApp to guide you as you search the registry in RegEdit for the remaining registry entries. The ones that were not removed on uninstall of the trial are the ones that hold the trial's remaining time data (most likely in encrypted form). Delete these registry entries to make your computer as if the trial software had never been installed before. Then reinstall the trial software and you should get back your full 30days.

ONLY use this technique I've described if a glitch destroyed your remaining trial time.

Do NOT use it just to extend your trial, as that's the same as software piracy, and is quite illegal.

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