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Guide: How to burn AVCHD to DVD

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:43 am
by LouisM
Here is a tutorial to burn an AVCHD project to a DVD/Blu-ray:
(If you want to edit your AVCHD/blu-ray structure, you can use our AVCHD Editor -freeware.)

1) Download and install CopyToDVD
which is the software used in this guide. Then burn your AVCHD structure via one of the 2 methods available - result is the same in either case:
A) Shell Extension (Direct Burn)
B) CopyToDVD Manager (Settings + Burn).

A) Shell Extension (Direct Burn)

Right click on the AVCHD file and choose CopyToDVD as below:

A window with several choices will appear. Choose "Burn as Blu-Ray Video"

Now you project will be burned!

Beware: Contrary to ConvertXtoDVD, CopyToDVD cannot compress your converted videos to match exactly the total disc space. So, make sure your video file size is not larger than the storage capacity of your DVD/Blu-ray.

B) CopyToDVD Manager
*This second part will be updated soon as there are currently some problems regarding the playback of the projects on DVD players.*