Using Existing DVD Files in CX2D

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Using Existing DVD Files in CX2D

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DVD files are contained in a VIDEO_TS folder. Using them in CX2D requires understanding how the files are listed, what is in them and how CX2D adds them.

An image is attached that lists files that may exist in a typical VIDEO_TS folder. The IFO files contain information needed by a player to play video files (VOB files). BUP files are backups of IFO files in case they cannot be read from the DVD.

At the top of the list are files for the title (main) menu. VIDEO_TS.VOB contains the video of that menu. Playing the VIDEO_TS.IFO file in a software player will display the title menu from which you can select any title to play, the same as what happens when you insert the DVD in a standalone player. Playing the VIDEO_TS.VOB file in a software player will play the menu so you can see what it looks like, but you cannot select titles to play because the player does not have necessary info contained in VIDEO_TS.IFO.

Below those are titleset files, one set for each title that can be played from the title menu. Each titleset contains both IFO and VOB files. The first titleset has files labeled as and similarly for other titlesets. VTS_01_0.IFO contains info about playing the first titleset. It will tell the player how to play VTS_01_0.VOB if there is such a file - VTS_01_0.VOB contains the video of submenus such as root, chapters and settings menus, some DVDs will not have these. VTS_01_0.IFO also tells the player how to play the VTS_01_N=1-Nmax.VOB files which contain the actual titleset video.

Doubleclick VOB files to play them in a software player to see what they contain.

What CX2D Does when You Add DVD Files

There are several ways to add DVD files in CX2D to be converted, and what is added depends on which file(s) are added.

Adding VIDEO_TS.IFO in CX2D adds all titlesets in the DVD - each original titleset will show as individual titles in the CX2D title menu, but the original title menu is not retained presently, maybe later. Some info like subtitle colors contained in VIDEO_TS.IFO may also be retained when using this option.

Adding a titleset IFO file like VTS_02_0.IFO will add that titleset only - it will show as a single title in the CX2D title menu. Submenus contained in files like VTS_02_0.VOB will not be retained.

Adding a titleset video VOB file like VTS_02_1.VOB adds that file plus all remaining VOB files in the titleset - info contained in the titleset IFO file is lost. For example, adding VTS_02_2.VOB from the attached file list adds the VTS_02_2.VOB, VTS_02_3.VOB and VTS_02_4.VOB files. If you want to add only one or more VOB files in the middle of a titleset, you must copy it/them to another location on your hard drive and then add it/them to CX2D. Each file or group of files added in this manner shows as a single title in the CX2D title menu.


If you want to add all titlesets from a DVD to CX2D, add the VIDEO_TS.IFO file.

If you want to add all of a particular nn numbered titleset, add the VTS_nn_0.IFO file.

If you want to add only the video contained in one or more VOB files instead of the entire titleset, play each VOB file in the titleset in a software player (doubleclick to play) to determine what video is contained in it, then add the desired VOB file(s) as described above.

If you want to add only a part of the video contained in a VOB file, you must trim the segment you want from the VOB using a video editor. Using VirtualDub to do that is described in the Guide: How to remove/cut/trim the disclaimer or commercials topic in this forum. Note that you can trim separate segments from the VOB(s) and merge them together,either in the video editor or in CX2D, to use as a single source file/title in CX2D if desired.
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