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Avi to DVD and other video conversions, such as wmv to DVD, mts to DVD, mkv to DVD and more. 2 pass encoding, multi-core support, and always more files supported.

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-->Read before posting: how to get a fast answer <--

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Hello and welcome to the VSO Forums :)

Tips on how to get fast answers to your questions:
1) Read this complete post
2) Use the latest version of the software (no pirated or cracked versions)
3) Post your log file when you post a question or a problem. The log provides a lot of details that will allow forum members and VSO officials to provide the most accurate help related to your issue. Doing this will save you and us a lot of time!
4) Use forum Attributes to mark when your problem is solved. People who have marked their problem as solved, have helped you to get even faster help by making this forum easier to read. Please return the favor.
5) Be kind and patient
Why? Because: Users who are helping you on the forum do so willingly and on their free time. They have often seen and answered the same questions thousands of times, so you might want to search for your answer first and be respectful when someone does try to help out with your issue. If you are upset and frustrated don't put it on the forum for volunteers to suffer with write directly to VSO Software
Common courtesy is expected of every forum user. Words like "Please" and "thank you" should be common in your posts.

**Note: For official support or help from VSO contact them directly here. Posting your problem in the forum may get you the answer faster than by writng to VSO (especially on the weekend. An advantage on posting on the forum is that you can also get suggestions from multiple users. If you post in the forum and write to VSO, make sure to include your forum link when writing to VSO. If you have posted a problem in the forum and have not received help you can send your question to VSO but make sure to include your forum link.

Other quick references for help

Manual and guides
1) Links to software Manuals/Guides
2) Mini guides on various topics

Fresh install
Try this if you suddenly get erratic or unexplained results.
Use the VSO Clean, tool to completely uninstall your VSO product, restart the computer, wait until hard drive activity has almost stopped, then download and install latest version.

Search the forum
Tips for using the help search function
You probably have an 85% chance of finding your answer this way.

Burning problems
General burning guide
Check out this guide for tips and troubleshooting with for burning

DVD doesn't work
If your burnt DVD does not play, check to see your log file to see if you have converted the file to the right format for your country. PAL for Europe and NTSC for N. America, other countries. Or post your log file on the forum, but make forget to mention what country you live in.

Burning is slow
Check out this thread for help on activating your DMA

Various burning errors
1) Troubleshootin guide to find out where your burning problem is coming from
2) A post that talks about DVD Media Quality and burning speed.

Using Double Layer disks
Check out this thread for tips when burning and buying Double Layer disks

*For a more complete version of this post please see this great post by Hansk